Alima’s Grand Return

‘Out of Love’ Release with REDUX MAGIC

In a highly anticipated comeback, Alima unveils his latest trance masterpiece, “Out of Love,” returning to REDUX RECORDINGS. This release marks a captivating return to roots after an exciting “detour” to D:SIDE and promises an epic reunion with the iconic sounds of REDUX MAGIC. Let’s delve deeper into this musical adventure.

Out of Love”: A Trance Banger by Alima with REDUX MAGIC

“Out of Love” is more than just a track; it’s a powerful trance experience that blends Alima’s characteristic elements with the magic of REDUX. With pulsating beats, melodic elements, and energetic arpeggios, this song will undoubtedly captivate listeners, taking them on an emotional journey.

Returning to REDUX RECORDINGS after the D:SIDE Excursion

After a creative “excursion” to D:SIDE, Alima returns to REDUX RECORDINGS with “Out of Love,” a label renowned for its depth in the trance scene. This return not only promises a musical delight for fans but also showcases Alima’s versatility and adaptability in the electronic music landscape.

This release is not just a homecoming for Alima but also a reunion with the powerful trance aesthetics of REDUX RECORDINGS. Look forward to an auditory spectacle that pushes the boundaries of electronic music and takes listeners on a journey of emotions. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this musical highlight.

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