It’s done! Other Side is here

Other Side is out today!

Alima’s New Track ‘Other Side’ Takes the Trance Scene by Storm

A Musical Masterpiece on D:SIDE Recordings

The trance community has been eagerly awaiting today’s release, as it marks the debut of Alima’s highly anticipated track “Other Side” on D:SIDE Recordings. With this groundbreaking release, Alima showcases once again his talent and passion for trance music, setting new standards in the scene.

“Other Side” is more than just another track in the world of trance music – it’s a powerful musical statement that takes listeners on an emotional journey. The hypnotic beats, catchy melodies, and captivating harmonies transport listeners to another world, where they can lose themselves and find themselves at the same time.

This masterpiece by Alima is a true gem in the trance scene, showcasing his impressive versatility as a producer. From the powerful basslines to the euphoric highs, “Other Side” is a definite highlight of his career and will undoubtedly capture the hearts of trance lovers worldwide.

The release of “Other Side” on D:SIDE Recordings marks another milestone in Alima’s career. The renowned label is known for its quality and innovation in trance music, making it the perfect platform for this exceptional track.

Overall, that’s the new track

Overall, the release of “Other Side” is an event that the trance community cannot afford to miss. Alima has once again proven why he is one of the rising talents in the trance scene. So dive into the world of “Other Side” and experience the magic of trance music like never before.

ALIMA – Other Side @ D:SIDE Recordings, released April, 22nd 2024

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