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ALIMA, Electronic Music Producer from Gummersbach, Germany 🇩🇪

📀 Independent Producer 🇩🇪
📀 signed on Redux Recordings / Redux Magic, Jaywork / D:SIDE, Star of Sound
🙌 Bookings, Collaborations, etc.
📸 @alimamusic_ofc on all social platforms

ALIMA is an electronic music producer from Gummersbach, Germany, born in Romania in 1978.

He began his career in 1994 using simple MIDI tools on Windows 95 and gained experience producing various electronic music genres such as Techno, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Jungle, and Drum’n’Bass before focusing on Trance and Dance.

Most of his works were created using Fast-Tracker 2 and later Mad-Tracker 2 on Windows computers. To improve the sound quality and add effects, he utilized sound software like Sony SoundForge Pro and others.

Over the years, he has produced several tracks and many unfinished projects. He has released three albums and one single, which were primarily published on the “myownmusic” and “SoundCloud” platforms. However, in 2010, he took a break from producing music due to personal reasons.

In 2022, ALIMA made a comeback, deciding to restart his career one last time. He featured many classic tracks and appeared on social media platforms like Instagram, SoundCloud, and streaming services like Spotify. As an independent producer, he is open to bookings, collaborations, and other opportunities and can be contacted at

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