Alima and Nold Announce the Upcoming Release of “Down to the Ocean”

A Harmonious Collaboration by Two Emerging Electronic Music Producers

Dear music fans,

We have exciting news for you! Emerging electronic music producers Alima and NOLD have officially announced the upcoming release of their latest track, “Down to the Ocean.” This music project promises a captivating blend of melodic elements and technically polished production that will take you on an unforgettable journey.

Alima and Nold are talented artists with a keen sense for creating and exploring melodic elements while showcasing their technical prowess in music production. Both musicians have come together to bring this unique collaboration to life.

Alima, an emerging trance artist, possesses a remarkable ability to experiment with and discover melodic elements. His musical ideas flow into his compositions, adding a distinctive touch to his tracks.

NOLD, on the other hand, specializes in melodic techno as an up-and-coming producer. His music is characterized by catchy melodies and driving rhythms that create an atmosphere of euphoria and ecstasy. NOLD is well-known for his technical prowess and his ability to deliver flawless mixes and masterful production.

“Down to the Ocean” will be a harmonious collaboration where Alima‘s trance influences seamlessly merge with NOLD’s melodic techno production. The track will take you on a captivating electronic journey, transcending the boundaries of genres. Alima’s melodic elements and NOLD‘s technical finesse will create a sonic experience that enchants the listeners.

The exact release date for “Down to the Ocean” is yet to be determined. However, the artists are working diligently to bring this unique track to their fans. So, keep your eyes and ears open to not miss any updates!

This release marks a significant milestone in the careers of Alima and NOLD, further highlighting their artistic talents. These emerging artists are ready to captivate the electronic music scene with their creative collaboration and explore new musical horizons across genres.

Stay tuned and join us in anticipation for the release of “Down to the Ocean” by Alima and NOLD. Once the release date is announced, you’ll find it here on and other music platforms. Don’t miss out on this harmonious collaboration by two talented electronic music producers!


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