Alima x NOLD to produce Trance Remix of Joe Sfeir’s Track “My Heart”

Rising electronic music producers Alima and NOLD have announced plans to produce a trance remix of Joe Sfeir’s track “My Heart.” This collaboration promises to transform the catchy song into an energetic and captivating trance version.

Joe Sfeir’s “My Heart” is an emotive track featuring strong piano melodies and heartfelt elements. Alima x NOLD will now utilize their musical vision and talent for trance production to take the song to a whole new level.

The trance remix of “My Heart” will feature driving beats, euphoric synthesizers, and compelling melodies. Audiences can expect an exhilarating journey through pulsating trance sounds, capturing the emotional core of the original track while adding new energizing facets.

“It’s a great honor for us to have the opportunity to remix Joe Sfeir’s track ‘My Heart’,” says Alima. “We’ll do our best to maintain the emotional depth of the song while creating a dynamic trance version that will get people on the dance floor.”

Joe Sfeir expresses excitement about the collaboration, stating, “I’m eager to hear how Alima and NOLD transform my song into a trance remix. Their talent for electronic music and ability to create moods will undoubtedly breathe new life into the track.”

The trance remix of “My Heart” will be released soon. Fans of Joe Sfeir and enthusiasts of energetic electronic music can look forward to a unique rendition of this captivating track.

About Alima x NOLD:

Alima x NOLD are rising electronic music producers known for their catchy melodies and high-energy productions. Their music spans various genres, with a focus on trance and melodic sounds.

About Joe Sfeir:

Joe Sfeir is a talented pianist and composer with a focus on EDM and electronic music. His music is characterized by emotional piano arrangements and captivating melodies.

Listen to the original Track from Joe Sfeir

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